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How Carter Bank & Trust Keeps Your Money Secure

Education Posted on July 2, 2021

When you think of bank security, you traditionally think of hefty steel vaults behind complex locks and timers. We have those in every branch! But keeping our customers’ money secure evolved into so much more in the fifty-plus years we’ve safeguarded your deposits. In a day and age when hackers roam the web, we’re keeping your digital finances under digital lock and key, too. Learn more about how Carter Bank & Trust works round the clock to protect your hard-earned dollars.

Debit Card Control with CardValet®

If you bank with Carter, you gain access to CardValet® through Carter On the Go, which gives you more control of your cards than you’d have over cash in your hand. You’ll get real-time alerts each time your card is used as well as an opportunity to flag any unauthorized purchases instantly. If you forget or misplace your card, use our handy on/off switch to disable it immediately, easing worries about a stranger finding it. And if you realize it was under your seat the entire time, a flick of your finger reactivates your card. No waiting or delays for us to respond to your email – you control your money.

You’ll also gain powerful controls on the amounts of charges that your card can be used to purchase as well as where it can be used.

Debit Card Fraud Alerts

We’re monitoring your account’s safety even when you’re not. If an expenditure comes through that just doesn’t seem right, we’ll flag it and alert you via text or phone. It’s a secondary barrier against fraudulent charges that made it past the rules you’ve made in CardValet®, like online charges. When we do flag a suspicious charge, you’ll have the opportunity to speak to a real person to approve or stop it. It’s like having a 24/7 guard watching over your bank account, and it comes free for every Carter member.

Handle Small Cash Transactions With Zelle

You might feel uncomfortable having cash on your person, but its usefulness during the summer season is undeniable. From garage sales to festivals, fairs to paying the neighborhood kiddos for chores, cash is king. But there’s new royalty in town, and it’s called Zelle®. Connected to your Carter bank account, Zelle® allows you to make mall change transfers to other Zelle® accounts, instantly and securely, right on your phone. The best part is that there’s no fee when transferring from your Carter bank account. It eliminates the worry of having small cash around the house while giving you all the convenience of cash. Creating your Zelle® account is free and takes only minutes, too!

Good Old Fashioned Security, Too

We may be in the 21st century, but for some valuables, nothing replaces an old-fashioned safe deposit box in one of our fireproof vaults. From documents and high-value investments like gold or coins to irreplaceable family heirlooms, our climate-controlled deposit boxes are the pinnacle of physical security and are readily accessible during our business hours. You’ll be surprised at how affordable they are, too – and many times, you can receive discounts on insurance rates for valuables stored with a bank versus stored in your at-home safe. Learn more here!

Feeling safe and secure in your finances and belongings shouldn’t feel like a matter of luck. In fact, there’s an old story that when one of our first board members told our founder, Worth Harris Carter Jr., that he couldn’t open our first branch on a Friday the 13th, Mr. Carter responded: “watch me”!

Since then, we’ve only relied on our ever-vigilant staff, systems, and security to safeguard your finances both physically and electronically: no luck needed. Join the thousands of customers protected by our dedication by contacting us today.

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