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Kim Simon, Marketing Officer, Recognized by Greensboro Chamber of Commerce

Culture Posted on February 12, 2021

Carter Bank & Trust Marketing Officer Kim Simon was recently recognized by the Greensboro, N.C. Chamber of Commerce as the “Ambassador of the Year” for 2020.

Simon, who recently moved to the Bank’s marketing team after working as a Branch and an Area Manager in Greensboro, has long supported the Greensboro Chamber.  As she sees it, the opportunity to give back to the place she calls home and represent Carter Bank & Trust in the community, is a win-win.

“Every networking event, ribbon cutting, after hours, and coffee and conversation I attended, I had one goal in mind and that was to promote and grow opportunities in Greensboro as a resident and as a representative of my organization,” Simon said. “Carter Bank & Trust has a tradition of caring for the communities we serve, so the work I did for the Chamber allowed me to build on that tradition by actively contributing to achieving our mutual goal to grow Greensboro.”

Chamber of Commerce officials said without people like Simon, the Chamber wouldn’t be able to reach as many businesses or residents.

“The work of the Chamber relies heavily on the time and talents of many volunteers,” Chamber Executive Vice President, Member Engagement Tracy Myers said. “Chamber ambassadors are volunteers, who on behalf of the Chamber, engage with the community to encourage membership and active support of Chamber programs, assist with recruiting new members and connect new members for the purposes of cultivating a vibrant business community.

“We are very thankful for Kim Simon who gives generously of her time and talent to help the Greensboro-business community grow and prosper.  Kim excels at listening to the needs of others and connecting them to resources that will prove valuable to their business. She assisted us in finding new ways to reach out to the community during the pandemic and we are so grateful for her efforts.”

Carter Bank & Trust leadership echoed those thoughts.

“Kim is a passionate and dedicated teammate, recognized within the Bank as a leader in community service,” Executive Vice President Tami Buttrey said. “Her contribution of time and energy enriches the lives of individuals and advances the achievement of business objectives in Greensboro and surrounding communities.”

“Kim is a go-getter and a connector,” Community Reinvestment Act & Fair Lending Officer Beverly Pitzer said. “Whether she’s teaching a financial literacy class, convening a meeting of colleagues and government officials, or answering questions for customers, Kim brings expertise and care to the situation and does so in a timely manner. I thoroughly enjoy working with Kim, and I know that our bank and our community are better for Kim being with us.”

While Simon used words like “surprised,” “honored” and “elated” about the award, her colleagues took a more inspirational tone.

“Kim’s relentless pursuit of continuous improvement and ‘can do’ optimism inspire me – and others – to engage and take action,” Buttrey said. “We are thrilled Kim has been awarded this distinction and privileged she represents our team bringing Carter Bank & Trust’s brand to life.”

“I am so happy to see the Chamber recognize the contributions of Kim Simon,” Pitzer added. “What a fitting honor for a true community advocate.”

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