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Tune in for a Money Tune-Up: Financial Podcasts Worth Your Subscribe

Education Posted on January 29, 2021

Financial health is more than just putting your pennies in a piggy bank or cutting coupons; like anything in life, you get better at saving and securing your financial well-being through learning! We’ve found that listening to podcasts in our “autopilot” time – driving, doing the laundry or dishes or even when exercising on that new bike you got – is one of the best ways to further our financial know-how, and it makes busywork and the miles go quicker, too.

Without further ado, here are our top picks for financial podcasts you need to download to your library today, in helpful order of required attention span. Whether you’re in the mood for tidbits or thoughtful, you’re bound to enjoy one of these.

Popcorn Finance

Savvy, sassy finance advice in the amount of time it takes to make a bowl of popcorn? Sign us up.

Each kernel takes about ten to fifteen minutes – this is old-school popcorn, here – but is always worth it. Guided by the smooth voice of Chris Browning, you’ll learn about topics on the financial feasibility of the “tiny home” fad to more personal topics, like getting your spouse onboard a couple’s budget without seeming like Ebenezer Scrooge. And the “This is Awkward” series of Popcorn Finance is a proudly up-front and relatable dive into listeners’ harder financial topics, like debt or trying to save without seeming cheap when it comes time for birthdays.

Millennial Money Minutes

Millennial Money Minutes tends to have shorter episodes than Popcorn Finance, but they’re a bit meatier. Their first episode dived right into Roth IRAs and index funds. All those terms you’ve heard and are beginning to get a sneaking suspicion you should know? The podcast has covered those topics and more with the approachable perspective of its two millennial anchors, Grant Sabatier and Matt Zubricki. A millionaire and recent “net-zero net-worth” achiever, respectively, their perspectives are diverse and their goals are ambitiously simple: more freedom, less stress. Their  episodes are encouraging and immediately applicable.

The College Investor

Many folks say colleges should give outbound graduates a Finances 101 course, but we think they should just have to listen an episode of the College Investor a day instead. Episodes are bite-sized but wrestle right away with all the “real-life” fundamentals that students encounter, like what on earth is the difference between TurboTax and H&R Block’s tax software? What’s the “kiddie tax”? Can anyone explain the most recent tax overhaul? We admit, the College Investor is a favorite because they succinctly address got-to-know questions without dumbing it down. And with episodes like “where to buy discount gift cards?” they can also help you – and your college grad – save a pretty penny.

Money For the Rest of Us

We’ll leave you with this one as it’s the perfect podcast dessert. It’s the ideal size for a thoughtful listen at twenty or so minutes, but its discussions of early-stage investing and larger economic and social issues are anything but quick glossovers. With host J. David Stein, You’ll learn more about larger financial issues like why currency exchange rates matter to a nation, think long and hard about social money issues like the harmful “drive for efficiency and pick up some excellent high-level money tips on like investment analysis. We save this one for a good cup of tea.

Want to talk about what you’re hearing?

If ever you’d like to turn your financial education into more than just a one-way conversation, we’re here to help. Our offices are open to chat about your personal financial goals and what plans you need to make now to get from “heard about it” to doing it. You’ll find our friendly folks all throughout the western half of the Commonwealth as well as North Carolina, so schedule a call or an appointment with your branch today.

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